Mel Moore, founder of Moore Massage, received his massage training at Southeastern Institute in Charleston, South Carolina.  Rather than focusing on the symptoms his clients experience, Mel focuses on targeting the underlying cause of their pain issues.

Mel was first introduced to the therapeutic aspects of massage therapy through his wife.  Suffering from migraine headaches with little relief from prescription medication, Mel watched as these headaches subsided after a series of massages.  With this knowledge in hand, Mel returned to school to learn more about clinical massage therapy to help others living with health issues who may have never considered massage therapy as a treatment option.

Taking his expertise a step further, Mel became certified in the Vodder Method for Manual Lymph Drainage through the MLD Institute in November of 2012.  Working with clients suffering from lymphedema, the Vodder Method is a precise manner of manually working the tissues to encourage lymph flow and drainage.

Providing a complete diagnostic consultation before each visit helps Mel determine the cause and source of any pain or discomfort and establish a treatment plan that works in conjunction with their overall health and wellness goals. 

“There are a lot people out there walking around with some type of on going pain issue, not knowing what to do about it.  I enjoy the clinical applications of massage … neuromuscular or MLD … and the problems they solve.  It’s so great talking to and educating a client on the origin of their pain and the treatment plan to help alleviate it.”

Mel resides in Mount Pleasant with his wife and daughter and when not in session can often be found enjoying the beautiful scenery and activities the Lowcountry has to offer. 


Heather Ball, Massage Therapist, Moore Massage of Charleston
Heather Ball, Massage Therapist, Moore Massage of Charleston


Heather Ball, has been a LMT in the Charleston area for the last 12 years.  Graduated from MMTC in 2006 with an AAS in Massage Therapy, along with a basic course in tabletop Thai massage that offers more comprehensive stretching for the hip structure, which is great for alleviating pain in the lower back, and hips.

Coming from a family of Registered Nurses, I chose massage as an alternative way to work with the body in a non-invasive way to help alleviate pain and improve function.

I operate under the therapeutic umbrella of massage to incorporate myofascial and trigger point therapy, along with the range of motion (ROM) stretching when indicated to relieve pain and tightness and restore balance to the body.