Additional Services

Massage therapy from Moore Massage of Charleston SC located in Mt Pleasant

While our specialties lie in Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue Massage, Moore Massage therapists employ a variety of massage therapy techniques to suite our clients.  These services include:


Swedish Massage

The most common form of massage therapy, Swedish Massage employs long, flowing strokes to induce a much needed state of relaxation.  Many clients incorporate this form of massage into a regular program for stress or anxiety management.  A manual reset button, a Swedish Massage session allows you to escape and relax while still receiving many of the benefits massage therapy has to offer.


Therapeutic Massage

The ideal combination of a Swedish Massage and a Neuromuscular Massage, Therapeutic Massages incorporate relaxation with targeting specific areas of pain or discomfort.  A very customizable type of massage, we can spend a portion of the time focusing on a specific area such as your back or shoulders and the remainder of time encouraging decompression and relaxation.


Prenatal Massage

Performed only after completion of the first trimester and with your doctor’s approval, many clients find this type of massage very beneficial and much needed.  Reducing stress, relieving muscle tension and increasing blood flow throughout the body.  A prenatal massage also works to help reduce back pain, edema, headaches and fatigue as well as having shown to enhance sleep quality.


Chair Massage

This service is often taken on location to businesses, events, gyms, and many other locations.  A brief introduction to the benefits of massage, offering chair massages is a great way to show appreciation for employees or patrons while providing a boost in their wellness.


Pricing Menu for Additional Massage Treatments

  • 30 minute massage: $60
  • 1 hour massage: $110
  • 90 minutue massage: $145
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